Overblown lead worry

The media had reported issues with lead in a very, very old jumper. We want to assure our customers of the following and to use common sense when filtering what you hear and read.

  1. We have received documentation from our major suppliuers that their vinyls are lead free, meaning below 300ppm (parts per million) allowed under CA. Prop. 65
  2. There are no known health issues associated with jumping in a jumper
  3. Even the CEH (Center for Environmental Health) working with Jerry Brown on this lawsuit does not advise that kids stop jumping in jumpers but advises children to wash their hands and face after jumping before putting hands in their mouth. I think most parents would do that anyway and don't need someone to tell them that
  4. You cannot injest lead by jumping in a jumper even if there were lead in the vinyl. Small toys from China were recalled WORLDWIDE a couple years back due to high lead content and the concern that children could injest the lead because kids are known to SUCK on toys. We know of no one sucking or licking our jumpers.
  5. If this were a real health issue, this would be an international issue!  Jumpers are used worldwide. This is only a California issue.
  6. Jumpers have been around for over 25+ years. My husband and I have owned & operated Jubilee Jumps for 13+ yeras and we have no health issues, lead or otherwise and we are working & touching these inflatables 7 days a week, 12+ hours a day. Our employees have no lead issues either.
  7. This is a manufactured crisis without merit. Folks need to use common sense. I can tell you the vinyl manufacturer's don't make their vinyl just for jumpers.  It is used on too many products to list, (gym mats, seat covers, etc.) but only jumpers are targeted.
  8. Jumping is  fun, healthful exercise that children don't get enough of these days.

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