We stock water slides in a variety of sizes & heights. All units require your water & hose to reach out to the slide and up the side as we attach your hose to a mister hose in the top archway. Water does not re-circulate. The set up area will get very wet. We can set up on pavement too. Children over 10 will enjoy the taller slides or slip-n-slide type units. Add 4 feet to the width & length dimension shown to allow for adequate clearance. Height will vary from 12-19 feet. Gate width requires 42"-60" depending upon unit. Dunk Tanks require at least a 6 1/2 foot wide gate entrance and no stairs.

      • 13' Little Surf

      • 19' Big Surf

      • Adventure Island Slide

      • Big Kahuna

      • Dual Lane Run-N-Slide

      • Dual Lane Slip-N-Dip

      • Dunk Tank

      • Run-N-Slide

      • Wild Wave